Thrice by Charles O. Perry

Thrice by Charles O. PerryThrice by Charles O. PerryA public art!!

Sculptor Charles O. Perry created “Thrice” in 1972 for the Federal Reserve Bank in Minneapolis. Apparently the piece can be reconfigured and repositioned into 30 or 40 different shapes, making for an interesting experience depending on its current configuration.

The piece is located in a fenced-in open space area behind the Federal Reserve Building and above West River Parkway. It’s easily visible from the parkway and the walking paths, but it’s unclear how accessible it is. On a weekend the gate was locked and it was impossible to get a closer look at the sculpture. It’s unknown if the gate is unlocked during business hours making it more of a work to be enjoyed by the public, or if it is considered private property and only to be viewed from the road.


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