Aztec City by John Acosta, Carlos Menchaca and Frank Sanchez

"Aztec City""Aztec City"

This 1980 mural by John Acosta, Carlos Menchaca and Frank Sanchez is painted on the side of the Morgan’s Mexican and Lebanese Foods buildings in the West Side neighborhood of St. Paul (the building is for sale and Morgan’s appears closed, so the mural’s future may be up in the air).

As a 27-year-old mural it has weathered quite a bit and might have even been repainted or touched up at one point. A color picture in the 1987 book Museum of the Streets: Minnesota’s Contemporary Outdoor Murals by Moira Harris shows much more vibrant colors, including a bright yellow on the horizon which is now white and mustard yellow on the buildings which is now orange (either from fading or repainting). The picture also shows a clear signature on the right side which is now obscured.

Update: During the summer of 2011 the entire building was repainted in preparation for sale and the mural lost.

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  1. Linda Rae Ana Cabral Says:

    These murals are outstanding and the National Eduacation Association in Washington D.C. is interested in talking to you about the possibilities. John Acosta at this time I am in St. Paul with a team of 700 Educators several from D.C. who have also viewed the paintings. Please contact me via email at

  2. Elizabeth Says:

    this mural was painted over. everyones pissed

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