Harmony by Richard Amos and Aziz Osman

Harmony by Richard Amos and Aziz OsmanHarmony detailHarmony detailHarmony plaqueHarmony plaque

“Harmony” by Richard Amos and Aziz Osman is fairly well hidden in the Midtown Exchange building on Lake Street in Minneapolis. It’s down a hall that goes back past the Alina Commons entrance, away from the Global Market. The hallway takes a quick jog and the painting is located there in the where the hallway jogs. It’s not the best location for such a vibrant, colorful painting. It’s such a great mix of colors and designs that it should be in a more prominent spot. Oh well, I suppose the best artwork goes to those willing to hunt.

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  1. amin muslim Says:

    what a great live piece of art vibrant with color, spirit, and a truely part of the diverse community reflecting the diversity and culture. Way to go Aziz and Amin

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