Peace House Mural by Angela Carlson Talle

Peace HouseCan you see me?

Minneapolis artist Angela Carlson Talle created this mosaic mural on the west side of the Peace House in Minneapolis. She covered the side of the two-story building with tiles and mirror pieces donated by the Minneapolis Glass Company and the Tile Shop with the help of her mother, Cindy Carlson, and members of the Peace House Community.

The Peace House describes the content of the mosaic:

“In the center of the Mosaic is a memorial to the founder of Peace House, Sister Rose Tillemans. There are also tiles recognizing members of the Peace House Community, people who perhaps don’t often see their names affixed to something as beautiful and as permanent as the Peace House Mosaic.”

Read more about the mural and see pictures of the project in-process.


2 Responses to “Peace House Mural by Angela Carlson Talle”

  1. Madeline Douglass Says:

    The Peace House Mosaic will be destroyed in the Spring of 2013 by AEON when they demolish the building to start their South Quarter development.

    The City of Minneapolis and Intermedia Arts has started a new Creative Place Making program. The destruction of this transformative work of art contradicts that idea.

  2. Madeline Douglass Says:

    The building and the mosaic will be demolished Friday August 16th, 2013.
    I hope that AEON and Hope community will commission a new mosaic from the artist.

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