Picnic at Newell Park by Chris Baird

Mural by Chris Baird"Picnic at Newell Park" by Chris BairdMural by Chris Baird detail

“Picnic at Newell Park” was painted in 1987 by Chris Baird. The mural is based on photos she took of nearby Newell Park and historic photos, probably from the Minnesota Historical Society. According to the artist, it was first painted as a two-color piece in yellow and dark blue, then followed by washes in green.

Baird has painted several other murals in St. Paul, including one on the Bober Drug Store at Grand and Lexington which has since been torn down (though you can see pictures of that mural and other Baird murals in the book Museum of the Streets: Minnesota’s Contemporary Outdoor Murals by Moira Harris). Some of Baird’s artwork is available through the Vern Carver & Beard Art Galleries.

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