The Periscope Wall by Periscope

Periscope MuralPeriscope Mural detailPeriscope Mural detailPeriscope Mural detailPeriscope Mural

Just down from Peter Busa’s “Demolition” and “Sport” is another massive mural, “The Periscope Wall.” Several folks from the creative department of the ad agency Periscope created the mural, which is on the back wall of their building.

While it feels a bit like a giant portfolio, it’s meant to be a reflection of Periscope and their creativity. Also, the City of Minneapolis mandated that the mural “not have too much of a ‘commercial message,'” according to Periscope CEO Greg Kurowski, so they deliberately left out logos or obviously identifiable brands (though you might recognize imagery in the mural from Periscope projects, including Kemps and the Minnesota Twins).

It feels very commercial — but it’s not (what’s the commercial?). But if it’s not a billboard it’s definitely not your standard mural. It’s fun and different, and I kind of like that.

What do you think?