Support Start Seeing Art

Start Seeing Art is now accepting sponsorship. We’re selling sponsorship banners to help keep the site going and pay for some of our expenses. Since November 2007 we’ve mapped 371 works of public art in the Twin Cities. That’s a lot of foot work. Now we’re trying to find ways to pay for some of that effort.

This site has been a low-budget affair from the beginning. The banners aren’t an attempt to get rich (each banner is $25 per month), but simply a way to help the site pay for itself and justify the continued time involvement on this project. I’d love to invest more in the site, hire someone who actually knows how to code and clean things up a bit, or hire someone to actually design the site and maybe a logo, but unless the site brings in some cash I can’t afford to do those things, much less continue to pour my own time into it.

So sponsorship (as well as donations) is one step forward to raise some funding for the site. If you know of anyone who might be interested in sponsoring the site, please pass this along.

We’ll continue to explore other funding avenues (grants are an option, though they’re fairly complicated since we’re not a nonprofit) and do what we can to keep this site going. Thanks for your support.

What do you think?