Welcome to the Art: Page Updates & Street View

After listing some 40+ pieces of public art in the Twin Cities it seems like we could do with some site news:

  • We recently added an Archives page which enables you to access monthly and category archives. That will be useful as the list of artists in the sidebar becomes more and more unwieldy to the point that we have to take action.
  • We also set up the homepage to map every piece of artwork we’ve charted so far. It does mean the map will take a little longer to load. We’re also running the latest three entries under the map, though we’re still tinkering with that (seems our archives page broke it–oops). If it isn’t obvious already, it should be clear that we’re focusing on content first. Then we can worry about the tech side and the finally the design (which seems so out of whack for an art site, doesn’t it?)
  • And thanks to MNSpeak for pointing it out, Google’s Street View is now available for the Twin Cities. Just go to Google Maps and you can select ‘Street View’ along with ‘Map,’ ‘Hybrid’ or ‘satellite.’ And how does this relate to art? You can get a street level view of public art, like Amy Toscani’s “Muscle” in downtown St. Paul:

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4 Responses to “Welcome to the Art: Page Updates & Street View”

  1. Kate Says:

    Kevin, Thank you for visiting my blog to leave information about the “transportation mural” I had posted. I’d like to leave your link on my sidebar among the MN blogs I have listed. This blog of yours is a real treasure and what a great service to the Twin Cities!

  2. Pablo Basques Says:

    WSCO myself and many other artists have teamed up to paint most of an entire building located across the street from page and robert streets . My mural theme is ” Sacred Mother Earth First ” , and this mural is almost completed . It must be seen to understand spirituality of the Earth people , all people especially the first Americans . The Jaguar in the painting is known as the ” Underwater Panther “, a powerful spirit ally and protector of the children and the elderly and spirit warrior that is presently still working with and for the Great Spirit to protect the Mother Erth and its creatures. The Cosmic hands are the hands of the creator or the Great Grandfather spirit , who continues to watch over Mother Earth despite what humans do or try to do to harm her. The Jaguar is making a comeback to the United States . Several have been seen in Arizona and New Mexico . Many North American Tribes also consider The underwater Panther as the powerful spirit that causes earthquakes . Please see the latest mural . Thank You . Pablo C. Basques , Artist Muralist 10/18/08

  3. Pablo Basques Says:

    We on the west side of st. Paul have been waiting to see some of the work of art of the murals which was finished last fall 2008 at vent a hood building in th Robet street and Sydney street vicinity. I was told that the work would be photographed by last winter but we haven’t seen anything on your web site, unless I’am mistaken, maybe I missed it. Since last fall there have been six to seven new murals on the west side of st. Paul alone. Let alone a few murals in other parts of st. Paul and others are being planned. If you would like to see some of the latest additions you may contact me at my E-mail adress. Sincerely , Pablo Basques

  4. Pablo Basques Says:

    Just making sure You recieved the correct E-mail address , I left out a letter by mistake. Pablo Basques

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