Henrik Ibsen by Jacob Fjelde

Henrik Ibsen StatueHenrik Ibsen BustHenrik Ibsen Statue (behind)Henrik Ibsen DetailHenrik Ibsen detailHenrik Ibsen Statue

Norwegian-born artist Jacob Fjelde created this bust of Norwegian playwright Henrik Ibsen and a Norwegian fraternal organization gave it to the City of St. Paul in 1907. If a statue could ever claim Norwegian citizenship, this one has a shot.

Henrik was on display in Como Park until the bust was stolen in 1982. In 1993 it turned up in a Robbinsdale video store sporting a baseball hat and T-shirt. After some legal maneuvering to protect the innocence of everyone involved and a delay to identify funding, it was finally restored to Como Park in the late 1990s.

That’s a lot of adventure for a 100-year-old statue. Though I’m a little surprised the Norwegians didn’t rise up in 1982 and demand the return of their thoroughly Norwegian statue.


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  1. Jmes McKenzie Says:

    Not a comment but a question: if Fjelde made the bust in 1895, where was it all those years before it was erected in Como? Thanks.

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