Irene Whitney Hixon Bridge by Siah Armajani

Irene Hixon Whitney Bridge by Siah ArmajaniIrene Hixon Whitney Bridge by Siah ArmajaniIrene Hixton Whitney Bridge, MinneapolisWinter CrossingAnd Now...Pedestrian Bridge

Created in 1988 by Twin Cities based-artist Siah Armajani, the Irene Whitney Hixon Bridge connections Minneapolis Sculpture Garden with Loring Park, bridging 16 lanes of traffic.

The 379-foot span gets props for being one of the coolest pedestrian bridges around. It uses beam, arch and suspension support (it doubles as a bridge glossary!), comes in a lovely two-tone color scheme (the yellow is apparently taken from Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello home), and features a poem across the length of the bridge by John Ashbery.

Those regular pedestrian bridges spanning interstates are feeling mighty insecure right about now.

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