Linus & Sally by Tivoli Too

Linus & SallyLinus & SallyLinus & SallyLinus & SallyLinus & Sally

This bronze statue of Charles Schultz’s Peanuts characters Linus and Sally was created in 2003 by Tivoli Too, a 3D sculpting and design studio. They stand in Landmark Plaza in front of a wall, just as the Peanuts characters often appeared in the comic strip. It’s also classic that Sally has a flower behind her back, ready to spring it on an unsuspecting Linus, who’s obliviously clutching his usual blanket.

The sculptures were designed to be child-friendly with no sharp corners and coated with a special substance so they won’t get too hot in the sun. These bronze characters were the permanent result of the multiple Peanuts on Parade displays where fiberglass sculptures of Peanuts characters were displayed throughout the Twin Cities.

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