North St. Paul Snowman by Lloyd Koesling

World's Largest Stucco SnowmanSnowman in AprilGiant Snowman/Hockey Fan

Lloyd Koesling’s creation on the corner of Highway 36 and Margaret Street in North St. Paul is dubbed the world’s largest stucco snowman. It’s become the defacto symbol of North St. Paul and an icon in the Twin Cities.

The snowman’s roots go back to the early 1950s when North St. Paul hosted an annual “Snow Frolic” event. The festivities mascot was a giant snowman, created each year by volunteers from real snow. But after a visit to Disneyland Koesling realized a stucco snowman would avoid the expense and effort of creating a new snowman each year. In 1971 he began construction on the snowman at the corner of Margaret and 7th Streets in downtown North St. Paul. In 1974 the 20-ton, 44-foot snowman was completed.

In 1990 the snowman was moved to Highway 36 and Margaret Street.

In 2006 the snowman was decked out in the colors and number of Bret Hedican, a hockey player who grew up in North St. Paul and won the Stanley Cup in 2006 with the Carolina Hurricanes.

Learn more about the snowman from the McKnight Foundation’s You Are Here (PDF).


2 Responses to “North St. Paul Snowman by Lloyd Koesling”

  1. Aaron Says:

    I always thought it was funny when it moved out to Highway 36 it was situated across the highway from a memorial of some sort that included an old cannon. That cannon was pointed directly at the snowman.

    I haven’t seen if it’s still situated the same way after the recent Highway 36 construction.

  2. Mykl Roventine Says:

    It’s still in roughly the same spot although it’s been turned to face the highway a big more. It’s even more prominent now next to the new overpass they’re building.

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