Overlook by David Wyrick

Native American FaceView from Overlook SculptureJust Hanging Out, Overlook by David WyrickThing

Another Minnesota Rocks project, “Overlook” sits on the bluffs above the Mississippi River looking across at downtown St. Paul. The 2006 sculpture by David Wyrick has a certain sadness, almost a detached expression (this picture nicely emphasizes a resigned feeling).

For me the face has a Native American feel, though I’m not sure if I’m just reading into it. As a Native figure you can imagine the perplexing mix of emotions from watching a city rise up across the river. Or for the Minneapolis fans out there, it could just be that the figure is not very impressed with St. Paul’s sleepy downtown.

However you take it, it’s interesting that it’s not your typical exultant, celebratory sculpture. Most artwork sitting in this spot looking out on this view would be triumphant. You can pick your own reason why this sculpture isn’t.


What do you think?