Play Days by Harriet Frishmuth

"Play Days"Sunken GardenIMG_9856.JPGStatue in the Sunken GardenPlay DaysTestingTheWater

Located in the Sunken Garden at the Como Park Conservatory, “Play Days” is a 1925 sculpture by Harriest Frishmuth. Much like “Crest of Wave” — the other Frishmuth sculpture in the Conservatory — “Play Days” is also a nude probably modeled after the dancer Desha Delteil. The “Play Days” figure is tentatively testing the water where four frogs are spouting water and real goldfish swim in the pool.

It’s a playful and graceful sculpture, which matches its surroundings. Children consistently gather at the figure’s feet, trying to get as close to the goldfish as possible.

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