Princess Amaradevi by Sharra Frank

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This six-foot mosaic sculpture by Sharra Frank is called “Princess Amaradevi” and stands in front of the SteppingStone Theatre building in St. Paul. It was a COMPAS ArtsWork project and Frank had the help of eight apprentice artists, ranging in age from 14-19: P. Croix Farnham, Janet Milinos, Claire Oslund, Doua Thao, Reily Seitz, Adam Seitz, Carolyn Soley and Laura Willis.

According to the artist’s site:

“The sculpture represents Princess Amaradevi, a Cambodian folktale character who symbolizes honesty and courage. The Steppingstone Theatre works to develop and support children in a diverse, non-competitive community. Young artist’s creativity, self expression and confidence is fostered and encouraged. Sharra and her apprentices goal was to communicate these important elements that define Steppingstone’s mission through the sculpture, Princess Amaradevi, who now greets the young actors and their families at the entrance of the theatre.”

The sculpture is made out of steel rebar, metal mesh and cement and then covered with a mosaic of glass, beads and mirror fragments. Read more about the work and see in-process photos on the artist’s site.

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  1. Teresa Boardman Says:

    I like this statue and the way they placed it on the steps. The building is so beautiful that it is hard to believe that a statue could make it look even better but it seems to.

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