The Watcher by Zoran Mojsilov

The WatcherWatcher BodyWatcher's HeadWatcher Detail

It sits there in North High Bridge Park in St. Paul just, well, watching. The park had a surplus of rock after creating garden walls in 1994 and turned to Serbian-born sculptor Zoran Mojsilov to make something out of the pile of rock. And that’s what he did, working all summer and finishing the piece in August 1995.

I like how it towers out of the ground, like some ancient and ferocious beast. At the same time it’s quiet and solitary, like a, well, watchman, standing guard over the park. I also like the contrast of the natural rock with the rusty iron. The twisted metal gives you that sense of ferocious power, but at the same time quiet gentleness–for all the might it took to twist that iron, now it’s quiet and unmoving. It’s not going anywhere. But part of you thinks it just might.


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